Friday, January 04, 2008

The Sweet Singer at the Congress on Evangelism

The Sweet Singer at the Congress on Evangelism

He was here, he was here. He was born over 300 years ago, but he was here. Charles Wesley had center stage this afternoon at the United Methodist Congress on Evangelism. And he brought along some guests. Who could forget his brother John whom we saw as they grew up together in the Epworth parsonage. Of course Charles followed his brother to America, before returning to England after six months. Back at Epworth we met Charles’ father Samuel and his mother Suzanna.

And we were there when Charles experienced his conversion and a few days later when John felt his heart strangely warmed.

For ninety minutes we listened to Charles’ testimony told in his words and songs as performed in the one act play The Sweet Singer by S. T. Kimbrough. The words and music of Charles Wesley’s hymns took on new meaning as we better understood the context under which they were written. Praise God for this man and his contribution to the life of the church 300 years ago as well as today.

Yours because His,

Pastor Floyd

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