Thursday, January 03, 2008

Traveling to Savannah - the UM Congress on Evangelism

As most of my parishioners know, there will be no sermon for December 30 or January 6 - as my wife and I have travelled to Savannah, GA, for the UM Congress on Evangelism. This is our fifth year for attending this annual event and we have always found it be a refreshing time. This is true both personally and spiritually.

As my wife is a librarian and I am a pastor, we both love books. And there are plenty of books here to be found. I have already purchased one book that will parallel my sermon series for the new year - beginning January 13. I also found a CD that I may or may not use for my lenten series, "Hymns We Love and The Lessons They Give Us". The CD is a set of eight film clips of a musical based on Charles Wesley's life. I am looking forward to using it and hoping that I can use it as part of the lenten services.

We have arrived safely - and will stay put till we leave on Saturday afternoon. We will have 2-1/2 days to return home, with one stop in Raleigh, NC, and one stop in Wilkes Barre, PA, to see our son and his wife.

I have learned one lesson on this trip - God has a better set of directions than a GPS. As we found our way to our hotel last night, the GPS had us get off the Interstate one exit too early - and there was no Red Roof Inn to be found. If I follow God's way, I will never get lost. Now, if I can just remember that tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after.... Well, you get the point.

Yours because His,

Pastor Floyd

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gavin richardson said...

i miss not being able to make it to the coe. i enjoyed going the last two years. didn't know it got moved to savannah, that is even more enticing with the cold weather moving in.