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Joshua Reruns

Joshua Reruns

Intro.: This is the worst time of year for those of us that enjoy watching TV

  1. We have entered the “RERUN” season.

  2. Reruns have taken over the airwaves.

  3. Sandra and I avoid the reruns as best we are able. It is during this time that we watch films in our video collection or the reruns that we have purchased on DVD

  4. Or we just plain turn the TV off – nothing worth watching is on.

  5. Of course, those of you who are baseball fans don't blink. Just as the reruns begin, the baseball season begins. It must be great.

  6. But sermons don't quite work like TV shows. Sermons are expected to be fresh and catchy. In fact, as a pastor I want the same thing as you.

  7. But it seems only fair that occasionally you might get a “Rerun” sermon – except that I have never preached this sermon before.

  8. Today we want to return to something we started a year ago. It was the week after Easter in 2006 that we began an examination of the book of Joshua. At the time we looked at chapters 1-4 together and then took the summer off. In Fall, we spent six weeks again looking at the book of Joshua.

  9. Then came Thanksgiving, advent, the new year, and lent.

  10. Now five months later, I want to again continue our study of Joshua. But I have a problem. I expect that, like me, you have forgotten much of our earlier look at Joshua. So today, we present “The Rerun”.

Read: Joshua 1:1-9


Trans: Joshua was a friend and confidant of Moses

  1. There is an old joke that asks you name two men in the Bible who had no parents. Everyone knows about Adam. But not many know that Joshua, too, was the son of Nun. Of course the joke is that Joshua's father was named Nun, N-U-N.

  2. We first meet in the Pentateuch where is shown to be the Joshua's aid. Joshua had been working along side Moses for many years – scripture says he had been Joshua's aid “since his youth.”

  3. He was one of the twelve spies who were sent into the promised land by Moses to determine what the Israelites would face. And he was one of the two who came back convinced that God would give them the land.

  4. By the time we get to today's passage, Joshua is ready to serve.

T.S. During the next few minutes, as we review the first eight chapters of Joshua, I want to look at four milestones in the book of Joshua that will help us to understand the character of this man of God.

  1. Joshua given command of the Israelites

    1. I was amazed when I discovered that Joshua was 80 years old as he was commissioned for this new role.

    2. And that probably explains why God said to Joshua three times to “be strong and courageous.” Even though Joshua was eighty, I suspect that he had developed habits would allow him to be “strong and courageous” - God's words were not meant to change Joshua – but to affirm what was already part of his life.

(Ill.) There is an old Irish prayer that goes: Give me
-- Enough happiness to keep us sweet;
-- Enough sorrow to keep us human;
-- Enough wealth to meet our needs;
-- Enough failure to keep us humble;
-- Enough friends to give us comfort;
-- Enough determination to make each day a good one;
-- Enough faith to give us courage;
-- Enough trials to keep us strong.

    1. Courage and strength go together. To be courageous and have no strength would allow us to be foolish. To have strength and have no courage allows us to be useless.

    2. My prayer for you this morning is that you would “strong and courageous” whatever God may send your way.

  1. Joshua allowed to cross the Jordan

    1. The first task Joshua had after being commissioned to serve was to lead the Israelites across the Jordan.What amazed me was that after he had lead all the people across the Jordan, he took time to build a memorial in the middle of the river.

    2. The Israelites were descended from twelve brothers, the twelve sons of Israel – and the descendants organized themselves in tribes based on which brother they had descended from.

    3. One representative from each tribe was to bring a stone to the river to be used in the memorial. The people had to remember what God was doing. The people had were to never forget that God had brought them to this new land.

(Appl.) God had reached out into each of our lives. But in the middle of life, it is easy to forget those times that God had brought us through the most difficult times. We need to build memorials in our own lives. We need to find ways to remember those times that God has reached out and touched our lives. It might be a journal entry. It might be a note at the end of our Bible. It might be charm on a necklace or bracelet. But, just as the Israelites had to remember what God had done, we also need to find ways to remember that God has worked in our lives. How will you remember what God has done?

  1. Joshua told to capture the cities

    1. Joshua had some tough obstacles to overcome. Not the least was the land the God had given them was occupied by its original inhabitants.

    2. Now people reacted in some strange ways to the Israelites presence in their land

      1. Some just huddled together in their communities – and God gave those cities to Joshua and the Israelites – Jericho was a great example

      2. Some rushed out to fight Joshua and the Israelites army it did no good.

      3. And then there were the Gibeonites in chapter 9. They approached Joshua saying that they had come a long distance. They said they had heard of how God had given the land to Joshua and the Israelites and they wanted to join them. Actually, they were from the next town over. Their deception of course was discovered – but they were to serve the Israelites for as long as they remained a people.

    3. You see people handle their difficulties in a number of ways -

    4. But you know what – none of them seem to work. They only tend to alienate themselves from God

    5. What is amazing is that the one family who responded to God and acknowledged that he was Lord and in control was saved.

    6. That family was not a leader Jericho, that family would not see themselves as coming with the highest moral character. The community would not hold that family up as an example for its young people.

    7. Yet when they responded to God – he protected them. Of all the families, it is the one that scripture makes clear was allowed to join the family of God.

    8. God is not looking for the best people God is not looking for the richest people God is not looking for the beautiful people None of those things got anybody into heaven

      God is looking for men and women who can acknowledge that they are broken and the only way will get into heaven is by the grace of God.

    9. Scripture makes clear that three is no other way – except through Him.

    10. Are you willing to say yes to Jesus. Are you wlling to follow Him.



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